What is a Hydrogen Unit?

In simple terms, this unit is fitted to the vehicle, and is whats called an upfront unit.

A hydrogen mixture is produced which effectively, is injected into the cylinder head before the main fuel, allowing the fuel to burn at a higher temperature. This has the benefit of the engine operating at its correct temperature, meaning it doesn't produce carbon (soot), thus, the whole engine runs cleaner and dramatically reduces pollutants which are normally generated by vehicles.

This technology works all of the time, and it works now!



New MOT Regulations

From 20th May 2018, we are expecting a dramatic tightening of regulations.

This will almost certainly have a dramatic effect on the transport industry and particularly people who run older diesels. Even new diesels may fall foul of the new regulations, this is not something that is going to go away as government are keen to see improvements to emissions very quickly.


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LoCASE Funding

LOCASE funding is operated from Thurrock Council and provides grants for small and medium businesses up to £10,000. This gives everybody a real incentive to get involved with reducing emissions now.

"To be eligible for support, you just have to meet the following criteria:

  • Employing less than 250 employees
  • Having an annual turnover of £44M or less and an annual balance sheet of £38M or less
  • Your organisation must not have received more than approximately £180,000 of state aid in the last three years
  • Your organisation must be registered and operating in the counties of Kent, Essex, or East Sussex."

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Our Story

We are promoting hydrogen technology for vehicles. Our tests prove that they can have a beneficial effect now, in reducing emissions dramatically.

We have been totally surprised by the benefits that our diesel engines have been able to achieve in testing, even new vehicles have benefited.

The Hydrogen Unit it is giving instant results, this allows us to lower our vehicles emissions today! This also allows time for the new technologies, being promoted at the moment, to be evaluated. The infrastructure requirements of going completely Hybrid/electric is potentially going to take a tremendous amount of effort to achieve what the government has envisaged.

This technology promotes British products, manufactured in this country! Innovation like this should be encouraged and regulators should be aware of this technology and it's benefits.

A phased transfer into hybrid and electric technology may be a better approach; too rigorous an approach, will almost certainly have a dramatic effect on the economy.

Transport companies of all types have to plan from anywhere between 5 and 10 years ahead, the new proposed MOT regulations should be delayed and in future, advanced warning be given of what the regulations are going be, this ensures transport agencies and companies with a fleet of vehicles have appropriate time to adhere to new regulations.

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Next Steps...

Fit a Hydrogen Unit, improved power, reduce emissions and pass the MOT!