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Good day to you, my name is Andy Jones, I am a Taxi Operative with Alpine Taxis.

I have had the privilege of working for / with Alpine Taxis based in Hockley, Essex for the best part of a decade. In that time, I have noticed changes in attitude towards Customer expectations whilst using our service, customers want cleaner, environmentally friendly vehicles and feel special knowing that their journey is not adding to local air pollution.

When I first started the vehicles were competent but rather old school, they did the job but were not in the least efficient, this is not a reflection on the company but a sign of how it used to be. There was no other affordable options at this time. Things have changed!

Over the last 2 years I have noticed a marked changed in the quality of vehicles Alpine is now providing, all these vehicles (Skoda Fabias and Rapids) are privately owned and maintained by Alpine Taxis and they have a vested interest in keeping the fleet in good order. Very competent vehicles!

Now Alpine Taxis really have excelled in their vehicle choice! I am the very happy Taxi operative that has his hands on their latest vehicle a Vauxhall Vivaro 1.6L High output 8 seat MPV (Multi Person Vehicle).

It has a lot of the latest emission technology built in, N0X reduction equipment for example using AdBlue. All good. However, it seemed whilst using the ECO mode it was very reluctant to perform as I would desire. Easy to stall, frequently requiring a lower gear on urban driving and whilst not a bad experience, not an easy one either for me the driver. I must admit I was a little sceptical as to how this vehicle would help the environment if I had to keep using non-ECO mode.

Then a Hydrogen producing cell was fitted, it uses distilled water which is converted to H2 and 0 which as I understand it produces a more efficient detonation/burn when injected via the air intake to the diesel mixture which is almost completely burnt, end result? Less Black Soot produced and more power output. The MPV does not stall so easily now, it accelerates much more efficiently even when the Taxi is fully loaded. Motorways are a breeze! I have noticed that I am getting 30 to 45mpg in general usage dependent on either local or distance travel. That’s Great! For a 40hr+ shift of sometimes quite heavy usage it is using approx. £70-£80 a week of premium diesel, that is far better than the £140 a week using the earlier MPVs which used the cheaper Diesel. Higher cylinder operational temperatures equate to less soot which means the DPF (Diesel Particle Filter) should not need to Regenerate (Clean itself), as often as it would have done. Result = Less Emissions no NOX (due to Adblue) which has been converted to Nitrogen and Oxygen and Less Soot production. I feel very happy about that!

My Fuel choice is the Premium Diesel! An 8-seater returning 40+MPG, and an increased power output with minimised emissions! Why should I not smile as an Eco Warrior. And I am using ECO Mode of course. Overall a very welcome addition to the fleet, and if looked after properly there is no reason why it should not endure the Taxi Trade usage. I acknowledge that the vehicle will need TLC in monitoring system requirements but for me that is a small price to pay.

My customers have been very complimentary about the fleet and this MPV. And I am enjoying the experience of driving an Eco-Friendly vehicle of which, I have just been informed at the time of writing this the vehicle is producing zero harmful emissions. This I feel is the way forward for all Diesel vehicles, and that ultimately, they could become the most environmentally friendly vehicles of all.  Well done Alpine. Let’s look at the next stage “Activated Charcoal”.

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  1. I might be going mad but the Vivaro seems to be developing muscles, the output of the engine seems to be increasing! Maybe its growing used to the Hydrogen Steroids!! I’ve completed nearly 5000 miles since Dec and no Regen Light seen.
    Looking good!

  2. Just got back from Gatwick, it really was full on. 8 Passengers and all the associated luggage including 3 ski sets! Ok the fuel usage went up a little but did the vehicle falter? NO! I still used ECO mode, no need not too. I really believe and I’m not into false news, the Hydro Unit really works.

  3. Having just returned from Gatwick today I took my usual readings ie. Ave MPG, how many Gals used etc. The figures showed how the MPV is getting better since having the Hydrogen Cell fitted.
    A previous trip showed Ave MPG as 44 using 2.6Gal of fuel.
    Today In heavy traffic on the M25 it showed;
    Ave MPG as 48 using 2.4Gal of fuel. This cannot be a co-incidence.

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  5. Alpine Taxis have been nominated for a Special Recognition Award by LoCASE for their pioneering work in reducing carbon emissions in vehicle’s, this features hydrogen units which are fitted to any petrol or diesel vehicle. This has a dramatic effect in reducing emissions. Alpine Taxis are the first company to get all it’s company vehicles using this technology and has been at the forefront of testing and supplying information, it has produced a website which deals with all aspects of this technology, and it’s 2 British products that are involved in producing these units, and there has been a dramatic effect over the year that it has been tested, there has been an 80% success rate over the fleet that has been tested and monitored rigorously. Hydrogen units make the engine perform at its optimum rate which produces carbon build up in the engine, it means that the engine is always running at its most efficient level and also cuts emissions to near on zero and does not clog the sensors of the vehicle with carbon which can cause tremendous running problems particularly with diesel engines. Alpine Taxis have worked with Mike Tribe of MT Auto Ltd of Eldon Way Rochford who has fitted the units and helped with their testing, all involved with this project are pleased that we have been recognised as being at the forefront of new ideas that reduce carbon emissions in vehicles. Making a differences now

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